About Us

Main objectives and tasks of

National Contact Point (NCP)

Providing information concerning other European programs on scientific researches and innovations – COSME, Eureka, COST;

Organization of informational and advertising campaign regarding participation in the program “Horizon 2020”. These are information days, workshops, conferences, newsletters, websites, etc;

Assistance to researchers and Ukrainian organizations in broadening their participation in “Horizon 2020” ;

Organization of courses and educational workshops for specific target groups (universities, business organizations, female researchers, etc.) or on specific topics ( legal aspects, term, and conditions of participation, researches and innovations that come under the scope of specific subjects and programs, financial rules, etc.);

Explanation of the extent and financing procedure of schemes, used by “Horizon 2020”;

Consulting services regarding administrative procedures and rules. These are – the role, rights, and responsibilities of consortium, expenses, ethical norms, and principles.

Assistance in the search for partners and establishing of consortiums;

Counseling of Ukrainian “Horizon 2020” participant about the establishment of appropriate administrative and legal frameworks in projects with a big budget, or/and a great number of participants;

Organization of courses and training concerning “Horizon 2020”;

Communications with other NCCs in Ukraine and abroad along with appropriate services of European Commission regarding participation in “Horizon 2020”;

Monitoring of participation of Ukrainian researchers in “Horizon 2020” and other European programs;