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Expressions of Interest


EoI title Organization Country Contact
Micropower electric converters based on thread ZnO nanocrystals NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Ievgen Verbytskyi
Converters operating modes control in autonomous power supply systems (COPCAPSS) NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Kateryna Osypenko
Active Power Line Conditioner in Uninterruptible Power Supply System NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Dmytro Mykolayets
Context-aware energy management control system NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Anna Kyselova
New heat pipes designs with constant and variable conductions properties NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Sergii Khairnasov
Heating System Using Night Rate Electricity (Technology “Electropick”) NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Kamayev Victor
Energy Efficient eco SMART-TECH House NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Kamayev Victor
Innovative mechanisms of industrial enterprises development in the process of integration to the world economy NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Alla Dunska
NanoPackaging “Nanophotonic and nanophotocatalytic composites for printing technology of present-day innovative food packaging” NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Olha Sarapulova
Increasing of Intellectual Effectiveness of Electronics and Energy (IIEEE) NTUU «KPI» Ukraine Julia Yamnenko
Complex for anaerobic composting of pure chicken manure and production of organic biofertilizers LLC “INTEGRO-SD” Ukraine Anton Bulygin