ІКТО2017 – ІКТ для кращого життя та кращого світу

ICTO2017 – ICT for a better life and a better world
March 16 and 17, 2017, Paris France


(ознайомитись з українським текстом запрошення можна за посиланням)

Dear Profs,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate at the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society-ICTO 2017, organized in Paris, France on March 16 and 17, 2017.

ICTO 2017 is the third version of ICTO international conference that attracts multidisciplinary contributions on Information Systems from the areas of organization, management, marketing, human resources, accounting, and supply chain mainly submitted by international scholars.

ICTO2017 is characterized by its friendly atmosphere that offers scholars the opportunity for high quality discussion and feedback, valuable networking opportunities both within the academic community and the international IS community.

According to its tradition, ICTO2017 will cover these major areas of research
ICT usage for managing or disrupting the tensions, contradictions and paradoxes in complex social problems
• Affordance and constraints of ICT that create or worsen complex social problems
• The role of Big data in socio and economic development
• e-Government and democracy
• Open disaster risk data and minimization of the effect of disaster
• ICT and urban service delivery
• Social networking and health care
• ICT and consumer well-being
• The vulnerable as producers and innovators with ICTs
• Telecenters as paths for affordable computing
• ICT and workplace inclusion of the vulnerable within society
• Acquisition and absorption of knowledge with ICT
• Public/private partnerships, job creation, and economic growth
• Bridging the digital divide
• Peer-to-peer technology for knowledge sharing
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